Turkish Airlines: Kobe Bryant And Leo Messi Compete For A Little Boy's Attention

Today’s ad of the day features two greats from the sports world: Lakers player Kobe Bryant and Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi.The Turkish Airline spot shows Bryant and Messi trying their hardest to win the attention of a little boy looking for an autograph.For those who know me, I’ve been a Barça fan for over 20 years, so Messi should win ha...

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AWS Outage Cheat Sheet

Amazon Status Translation Sheet===============================Single Availability Zone : All Zones in a regionDegraded Performance : Total service disruptionElevated Error Rates : No one can connectGreen Tick : UpGreen Tick with (i) : Total Service OutageYellow Notice Symbol : Total Service OutageRed Tick : The guy who selects this for reporting...

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So much to share, so little time

So I’ve been working on experience innovation, emerging technologies, R&D, and a bunch of amazing fortune 500 clients.

Among the new things I will start sharing tons of new Amazon hosting tips and tricks, performance, scaling, benchmarking multiple caching solutions, big data and nosql, rapid mobile application development …

Which tech would you like me to share first?

Leaked iPhone 5 Video

No matter how much you try to deny it, Apple knows that 86.3% of what you do on your iPhone involves snapping food photos, filtering food photos and sharing food photos.

This leaked iPhone 5 official promo video just leaked online, showing the next iteration of the device with one big, tasty focus: food. Specifically, photos of food.


Global Brands vs Global Celebrities: Who's the Smarter Marketer?

SapientNitro’s 2012 Cannes Lions presentation on Global Brands vs Global Celebrities, by my good friend Freddie Laker, who moderated a debate beween Daz McColl and Omar Epps.Global Brands vs Global Celebs: Who’s the Smarter Marketer? from Freddie LakerAs globalisation and digitalisation continue to break down the barriers between cultures and ge...

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London Underground: NFC mobile payments 'too slow' for the tube

NFC Mobile Payments has been tested several times in the past, London’s Tube system won’t be getting mobile-based payment technology any time soon. Customer Experience Director Shashi Verma said that existing NFC technology wasn’t able to drop below the 500 millisecond barrier – something which Transport for London demands from its high-churn Oyster card-based turnstiles. Verma added, “The concerns are only around NFC technology and not EMV. We are keen to see any progress the industry can make in this area.”

Very strong and interesting point-of-view, it’s all about the experience. I know a few companies are trying to crack this, and some already have … but I guess it’s not always up to the tech provider, if the OEM phones cannot guaranty the desired response time.


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