Creative Inspiration - Cannes Lions 2010

Freddie sent this email internally, but no reason we shouldn’t share.

The following are a collection of the work that left the biggest impression at Cannes Lions 2010, but I encourage you to visit for the full list. The first couple below are truly amazing and should wet your appetite to view the whole list.

“Andes Teletransporter” / InBev: (click view movie)

“Sounds of Hamburg” / Philharmonic Orchestra of Hamburg

“Smile Activated Vending Machine” / Unilever / A SapientNitro Winner:

“The Fun Theory” / Volkswagen:
“Chalkbot” / Nike Livestrong Foundation:
“AutoTrader Mobile App” / AutoTrader / A SapientNitro Winner:
“Verbatim Championship” / Verbatim:
“Value Menu” / Burger King:

“Monkey” / WWF:

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